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Ernie Johnson has been building and renovating log homes since 1972. He has extensive experience in all phases of residential and commercial construction, from digging the foundation to finish carpentry and everything in between.

My skills include: Log home renovation, log home repair, corn-cob media blasting, framing, trimming, plumbing, electrical, tiling, caulking, sheet rock and finishing, exterior and interior painting, Saschco log home products, barn construction and repair, deck building, and turnkey construction where we can build your home from start to finish to your expectations and satisfaction.

The following are some testimonials submitted by satisfied customers. Check out my successes in their words.

Shampagne Spa
135th and Stateline

Friday, March 28, 2009

To whom it may concern,

Two years ago, I had a dream of opening my own salon/spa. Ernie Johnson and his crew allowed my vision to become a reality. Ernie was a pleasure to work with. He made the construction process go as smoothly as possible. When issues arrived during construction, he always came with solution. With his expertise and many years of experience, I was able to appreciate all of his input.

Once the salon/spa was open and the property management group came in from Chicago for a visit, they were extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship. Of course, I have Johnson Contracting to thank for that.

All My Best,

Kristine Kay

Larry Sample
11131 Highway K68, Louisburg, KS

Friday, March 28, 2009

To whom it may concern,

A few years ago I bought a house in Louisburg Kansas that had many structural defects. I bought the house because of the land and was willing to raze the house if necessary. I had remodelers from Overland park look at the house and they claimed they could make the house very livable but the cost would be very high.

The home had unlevel walls and floors and a swaying roofline. These issues posed problems both inside the home as well as on the outer walls (when siding was applied). In addition, the basement floors were not level and even rolled in places and the roof support systems were large beams running randomly across the ceilings (highly visible). I also needed the house to be larger but needed assistance in seeing and designing the new wall system. The house needed to be totally rewired and plumbed.

Ernie was able to fix or cover up all of the structural defects to my 100% satisfaction. His ideas in the design were very helpful and saved me from potentially large mistakes. Ernie saved me the cost of leveling a perfectly good home and starting over, and in addition, he did it for far less than those remodelers in Overland Park. His skills as a general contractor were very evident as well as he subcontracted out all of the electrical and plumbing and some other smaller jobs.

I would highly recommend Ernie Johnson for work such as I described in the foregoing paragraphs.


Larry Sample

Laurie C.

When we decided to build our house I wanted a builder that was capable of adapting to our ideas as every home owner wants. We checked out several builders but did not click with them. When we first met Ernie Johnson I felt he would be flexible to the things we wanted to try. When we first met him it was at a house he was just about finished with completely remodeling from the basement up and everything seemed just right.

He proved to have knowledge in every area of construction and the ability to do anything from plumbing, drywall, electrical, flooring, foundations, to any other areas of home construction of different properties and materials.

On a log home, which of course is different form a stick and frame house, Ernie really showed his flexibility to do any construction. From stacking the logs and finishing the logs with stain and sanding, to all the rest of the woodwork involved in a log home. But he worked with us to turn our ideas into actual finished realities.

One of the things he was a help on was when we bought a separate stove and cook top with no idea how we would install these. Putting the oven in a wall unit was not an option because of the limited wall space we had. We wanted a propane cook top that we had purchased at a really good price so we purchased the oven at a different store. Ernie took an unfinished sink base cabinet and cut it out placing the oven inside and the cook top on top. He then framed it with stone look tile that I also got on sale and made it look like it was an expensive built in. It was a tremendous addition to our kitchen.

The doors and windows in our house required a lot of work to get them installed to look like the rest of a log home. He had to create a frame for each of our doors which I believe was over 20 separate doors with at least three being French doors. It required a lot of carpentry and time. I believe he could have done the frames any way we wanted them. They ended up looking perfect.

We also had decided to install a small pool in our sunroom. He had never installed one like it before but tackled it with no problems. The pool has a motor and was not the easiest to install. Due to the way we wanted it to be placed in the floor, the pool required a raised wood bench frame to put the liner on, but it turned out beautifully. The tile around it on the floor made it even more wonderful. We had some other tile pieces we wanted on the walls and he framed them and made them look like little works of art.

We had many ideas and things that we wanted to use to make our house special and Ernie was great in suggesting ideas to get them to work. This was the fifth house that I was involved with the building of but a log home is different than anything I have worked with before. Going out to the house each day to see the progress was always fun. The wood looks great in the house and he helped us make our dream home.

I still can call Ernie with projects and he always has an idea and a solution.

Laurie C.

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